Property Services

We know that as professional property managers, our job is to simplify and ease the workload for the board of directors. Shew Community Management's proven administrative abilities and services keep the duties of volunteer directors from becoming overly time consuming or unpleasant.
The primary responsibility of your board of directors is decision making. Shew Community Management assists you in making informed decisions and sees that they are correctly implemented. We have the experience and resources to help directors meet your association's goals.
We are interested in the success of every association and the continuing satisfaction of each board member. Your people get the individual attention when they need it, and Shew Community Management is a full-time company, on the go 24 hours a day.
At Shew Community Management the long-term solutions that your association demands with the services you need the most:
  • Responsive, professional management
  • Enhancing landscape maintenance planning and implementation
  • Realistic budgeting and effective assessment collection